A: For our lunch meeting with the investors, do we have to make a reservation at the restaurant or do we just show up?

B: Usually for lunch, we don"t have to reserve a table, they should allow walk-ins. But to be on the safe side, I"ll order a table for half-past twelve. Will that suit your schedule?

A: I"ve arranged to meet them at the restaurant at twelve. Can you make the reservation a little earlier? If we start earlier, it will give us more time for a longer lunch.

B: Are you planning on treating the investors to a full-course meal?

A: Yes, we"ll start with appetizers, follow with a soup and salad course, then main dishes of prime rib or cordon bleu chicken, and finish up with a delicious rich dessert of some sort.

B: That"ll be pretty heavy for a mid-day meal, don"t you think?

A: As along as we stay away from anything alcoholic, we should be okay.

B: With your prime rib and chicken choices, you"d better hope nobody"s vegetarian.

A: We can make some special arrangement if we need to. After all, it"s the company who is footing the bill.












A:What"s holding us back on the plant expansion project? We were supposed to see the specs on that ages ago.Why haven"t I heard anything about it? Did the whole project just vanish into thin air?

B:No, sir. The plant expansion project has been delayed.There was a snag up in the filng process to get the neccessary construction permits.It seems that the property we were slated to build on is also habitat for some endangered indigenous species.

A:You"re joking, right? No wonder we"ve been tied up with this project. I know the environmental impact statement will take forever to get approval if they"ve found anything endangered on the site. Are they positive there is evidence of endangered species actually living there?

B: The environmental review board has a team on it now.Hopefully we"ll know more by the end of the week.





Hold sth/sb back: to prevent the progress or development of somebody/something 妨碍进展

Do you think that mixed ability classes hold back the better students? 你认为把不同能力的学生混合在一起的班级会妨碍较高水平学生的进步吗?

Vanish: to disappear suddenly and/or in a way that you cannot explain (莫名其妙地)突然消失

The magician vanished in a puff of smoke. 魔术师在一股烟雾中突然不见了.

My glasses seem to have vanished. 我的眼镜似乎不翼而飞了.

He seems to have vanished without trace. 他似乎消失得无影无踪.

Snag: a problem or difficulty, especially one that is small, hidden or unexpected (尤指潜在的、意外的、不严重的)问题,困难,障碍,麻烦

There is just one small snag─where is the money coming from? 只有一个小问题 钱从哪儿来?

Let me know if you run into any snags. 要是遇到什么麻烦,就告诉我.

Indigenous: belonging to a particular place rather than coming to it from somewhere else 本地的;当地的;土生土长的

the indigenous peoples/languages of the area 该地区的本地人u语言

The kangaroo is indigenous to Australia. 袋鼠原产于澳大利亚.



3.网上营销 商务英语情景口语



6.我们的产品是独一无二的 商务英语情景口语







1.Having had your name and address from the Commercial Counselor""s office of the Embassy of the People""s Republic of China in……, we now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you and see if we can establish business relations by a start of some Practical transactions.


2. We have heard from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade that you are in the market for Electric Appliances.


3. Your name has been recommended to us by the Chinese Consul stationed in your city as large exporters of …… goods produced in ……


4. From ……, we have obtained your name and address and understand that you are experienced importers of …… We have pleasure in offering you …… of which we would appreciate your pushing the sale on your market.


5. We learn from …… that your firm specializes in ……, and would like to establish business relationship with you.


6. Through the courtesy of…… we have learned that you are one of the representative importers of ……


7. Your name and address has been given to us by Messrs. J. Smith & Co., Inc., in New York, who have informed us that your firm has been recommended to us by the Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Japan.


9. The…… Bank in your city has been kind enough to inform us that you are one of the leading importers (exporters) of …… and are interested in trading with China in these lines ……


10. We are given to understand that you are potential buyers of Chinese ……,which comes within the frame of our business activities.


11. Through your trade delegation that recently paid a visit to this country, we learned that you are well-established importers of …… and are writing to you in the hope of receiving your orders from time to time.


12. We are glad to send you this introductory letter, hoping that it will be the prelude to mutually beneficial relations between us.


13. We have the Pleasure to introduce ourselves to you with the hope that we may have an opportunity of cooperating with you in your business extension.


14. We take the liberty of writing to you with a view to building up business relations with your firm.


15. We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state operated corporation dealing exclusively in Light Industrial Goods.


16. As you may be well aware, we are a state-operated corporation handling such items as …… in both import and export business


17.This is a quality product.


18.Those overcoats are of good quality and nice colour.


19.Our quartz technique is well known in the world, and we believe our watches are of fine quality.


20.Our price is a little bit higher, but the quality of our products is better.


21.Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers.


22.The equipment are of good quality and very useful.


23.Our products are very good in quality, and the price is low.


24.We have received the goods you send us, the quality is excellent.


25.We"ve received the sample which you sent us last Sunday.


26.We"ve got here our sales samples Type 1. and Type 2.


27.Our quality is based solely on our sales samples.


28.We sell goods as per the sales sample, not the quality of any previous supplies.


29.You know we sell our tea according to our samples.


30.You can see the difference between these grades.


31.These two grades are very much in demand.


32.We are in urgent need of these two grades.


33.The colour of the shipment is much darker than that of your previous consignment.


34.No doubt you"ve received the outturn samples of the inferior quality goods.


35.I must advise you of the specifications of the goods.


36.Have you received the specifications as shown in our catalog?


37.The quality is all right, but the style is a bit outdated.


38.We found the goods didn"t agree with the original patterns.


39.The “Double Fish” brand is not so bad, the design is fresh and vivid.


40.The new varieties have very vivid designs and beautiful colors.


41.We"re here to discuss the trade marks of your products.


42.I"m looking for insurance from your company.


43.Mr. Zhang met Mr. William in the office of the People" Insurance Company of China.


44.After loading the goods on board the hip, I go to the insurance company to have them insured.


45.When should I go and have the tea insured?


46.All right. Let"s leave insurance now.


47.I have come to explain that unfortunate affair about the insurance.


48.I must say that you"ve corrected my ideas about the insurance.


49.This information office provides clients with information on cargo insurance.


50.The underwriters are responsible for the claim as far as it is within the scope of cover.



Dialogue one

M: Can you have the briefs from the Anderson firm"s lawyer on my desk by tomorrow morning. There are quite a few very time sensitive matters with this case. I"m afraid I can"t wait any longer.

F: Getting those Anderson briefs has been harder than you can imagine. I have tried to contact their lawyer many times. But every time I call, his secretary says he’s in a meeting or out of the office or away on business. I am beginning to think he is trying to avoid me.

M: That"s highly possible. He knows if we miss our filing deadline, we don’t stand a chance to compete against them for the bid. Try to get a hold of him again. Give him a call and see if he can fax them first thing.

F: What if I can"t speak to him directly?

M: Ask his secretary to fax them. Its the same thing. Have them faxed over with a copy also faxed to Martin’s office.

F: How do I find Martin’s fax number? Is he in your rollerdesk?

M: No, but you can also call their office and ask the secretary to give you their fax number. I’ll email you their office number later today.

F: Ok, I"ll get on it first thing.

M: Be sure you do, I need those briefs ASAP

Dialogue two

M:Did you put this morning"s faxes on my desk?I"m waiting for some urgent faxes from headquaters,I"m pretty sure they came in last night.

F:Evething that came in the office fax machine last night is all on your desk,but I noticed that some of faxes came through pretty blurred,maybe you take a look at them,if the copy is unreadble,I"ll call then and ask them to refax.

M:Yeah,you"re going to have to call them and get them to be refax. These copies are so dark. I can"t make out any of the words.

F:What about that one?

M:This one?This one is so light and I can barely read it. How can that be?

F:You know, I think the fax machine is out of toner. I can change the toner cartridge. That should solve the problem.

M:Yes,but this one will have to be refaxed as well. And look, there"s about 3 pages missing. It looks like the fax machine ate half of my important faxes,and ones that made it through are so blurred or too light. They are unreadable.

F:I guess the fax machine is out of paper too. Don"t worry,I"ll have someone look at it this afternoon,and in the meantime,I"ll have your documents refaxed to our other fax machine.





A: How long will it take for our order to be delivered?

B: Let"s see. You are importing fifty containers of textiles from China. They should be able to place your order before the end of next week. It will take 2 days for shipping to the port city of Ningbo. The freight will take 3 weeks on the open ocean and will arrive in Los Angeles approximately a month from today. Domestic shipping will be your responsibility, you can make arrangements with the pier in Los Angeles.

A: Fine, we will handle domestic shipping,but what about customs? Will we have to pay tariff on our imports? I hope we don"t run into any problems with the border control.

B: No, the Chinese company has that all worked out. With the paperwork you receive with the shipment,you should be good to go.





freight:goods that are transported by ships, planes, trains or lorries/trucks; the system of transporting goods in this way (海运、空运或陆运的)货物;货运

to send goods by air freight 空运货物

a freight business 货运公司

passenger and freight transportation services 客货运业务

tariff:a tax that is paid on goods coming into or going out of a country 关税

work sth out:to find the answer to something; to solve something 找到…的答案;处理;解决

to work out a problem/puzzle/code 解决问题;弄清疑团;破译密码

Can you work out what these squiggles mean? 你能辨认出这些潦草的字迹是什么意思吗?

I couldn"t work out where the music was coming from. 我弄不清这音乐是从哪里传来的。