全球气候变暖是近年来全球一直热议的话题,是一种“自然现象”。全球变暧会使全球降水量重新分配,冰川(glacier)和冻土 (permafrost)消融,海平面上升等,既危害自然生态系统的平衡,更威胁人类的食物供应和居住环境。有一个有趣的现象,就是全球变暧对有些地区是坏事,而对其他地区却是好事,比如,南北极的寒冷地区由于温度升高,导致冰川融化,动物栖息地减少。而在中国东北地区,天气变暖意味着可以种植冬季农作物,从而增加农业收入。


Global warming, a natural phenomenon,has been aheated topic in recent years. Global warming willredistribute global rainfall, make glacier andpermafrost melt and sea level rise, which not onlydoes harm to the balance of natural ecosystem, butalso threats human"s food supply and livingenvironment. It"s interesting that global warming is bad for some places but good for otherregions. For example, because temperature in cold areas in Antarctic and Arctic goes up,glacier will melt, thus making the habitat of animals decrease. While in the northeast of China,becoming warm means being able to plant grains of winter, thus raising agricultural revenue.

1.危害自然生态系统的平衡:可译为do harm to the balance of natural ecosystem。

2.威胁:可直接译为threat,也可译为cause negative effect on。

3.有一个有趣的现象:此处可以使用It"s interesting that引导的从句来翻译。

4.对于…是坏事/好事:可译为be bad/good for...

5.种植冬季农作物:可译为plant grains of winter。

6.增加农业收入:可译为raise agricultural revenue或increase agricultural income。其中revenue和income都意为“收入,收益”。


1. Overarching /vrt/



We also need to have a strategic vision to deliver real outcomes with overarching and far-reaching significance.


First, we should stick to the overarching goal of common development and build an Asian community of shared interests.


The overarching goal is to improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, advance the modernization of national governance system and capabilities.

2. Humanity /hjumnt/

基本意思是人类,也表示“仁慈”、“博爱”。本身不是多么有难度的词,主要是很多中文材料爱用“人类”,“全人类”这种表述,所以它的用法要掌握。此外,这个词的复数形式The humanities 还表示人文学科。


They face charges of committing crimes against humanity.


Her speech showed great maturity and humanity.


The number of students majoring in the humanities has declined by about half.



Part ⅡReading Comprehension(35 minutes)

Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

Passage One

Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

Perhaps all criminals should be required to carry cards which read : “Fragile : handle with care.” It will never do, theses days, to go around referring  to criminal as violent thugs.You must refer to them politely as “social misfits” ( 不能适应社会的人).The professional killer who wouldn’t think twice about using his club or knife to batter some harmless old lady to death in order to rob her of her meager life savings must never be given a dose of his own medicine. He is in need of “hospital treatment”. According to his misguided defenders, society is to blame.A wicked society breeds evil or so the argument goes. When you listen to this kind of talk, it makes you wonder why we aren’t all criminals. We have done away with the absurdly harsh laws of the nineteenth century and this is only right. But surely enough is enough. The most senseless piece of criminal legislation in Britain and a number of other countries has been the suspension of capital punishment.

The violent criminal has become a kind of hero-figure in our time. He is glorified on the screen ; he is pursued by the press and paid vast sum of money for his “memories”. Newspapers which specialize in crime reporting enjoy enormous circulations and the publishers of trashy cops and robbers stories or “murder mysteries” have never had it so good. When you read about the achievements of the great train robbers, it makes you wonder whether you a




Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled My View on Spending Craze During Graduation by commenting on the phenomenon that graduates often spend a lot during the graduation period. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


My View on Spending Craze During Graduatio

In recent years, there is a growing concern for the spending craze during graduation. Thefarewell dinners, which once symbolized a celebration of the four-year friendship and the bitterness of pending departure, pose a gigantic financial burden on the graduates.

A number of factors can account for such phenomenon, but the following might be the critical ones. Firstly, it’s an undeniable truth that today’s college students tend to spend much more money than before. What’s more, the farewell dinners are held in the name of more and more social groups, such as classes, college societies, dormitories and etc.

In my view, the problem mentioned above has become increasingly severe, so great concern is deserved and effective measures are called for. To begin with, it is essential that the school should attach more importance to teaching the concept of thrift. Secondly, students should enhance their awareness that money never stands for affection. Only with these measures taken, I’m convinced, can the craze of spending during graduation be eased.


part i

1. d 2. a 3. c 4 .b 5. c 6. c 7. b 8 .a. 9. d 10. a

section b

passage one

11. b 12. c 13. d

passage two

14. c 15. d 16. a

passage three

17. b 18. b 19. d 20. a

part ii

passage one

21. a 22. a 23. d 24. b 25. c

passage two

26. c 27. b 28. d 29. d 30. b

passage three

31. d 32. b 33. d 34. b 35. a

passage four

36. c 37. d 38. a 39. d 40. b

part iii

41. a 42. c 43. c 44. c 45. a 46. b 47. a 48. c 49. c 50.c 51. b 52. b 53. b 54. a 55.b 56. d 57. c 58. b 59. a 60. a 61. d 62. c 63.b 64. c 65. a 66. d 67. a 68. b 69. c 70. d

part v

sample writing

problems about reducing students’ heavy burden

nowadays ,students’ heavy burden makes students so nervous that it does harm to students’ health .it is not difficult to find out too many problems appearing in our society : some students give up studying ,even kill themselves . some other students go to kill their parents or their teachers because they can’t bear any more .

the factors that lead to students’ heavy burden are the following three : firstly ,it is because of educational system. such system forces students to learn too much complex but useless information .secondly , schools only quest for higher rate of entering schools .in order to get higher rate , schools try their best to do more training so that students can’t have their spare time .thirdly ,parents have good wishes .parents do not want their children to fail in the future competition .they have no other way but to send their children to attend more training .

it becomes urgent to reduce students’ heavy burden now .in my own opinion ,it is important to change the educational system into high quality education system ,to reduce the content of the training ,to change parents and society’s attitude towards talents ,all these are the basic ways that help reduce students’ heavy burden .